To us, customers' interests always come first. CASH knows that as a total caring organisation, It is our mission to provide our customers with a meaningful experience when utilising our services.

Throughout the years, CASH has always striven for top performance and has become the market leader in different areas:

Service Achievements
Internet-trading Pioneer

With the use of strong human capital and advanced information technologies, CASH Group and its subsidiaries are best known as the innovators in developing Internet and electronic trading platforms to satisfy the needs of its clients and customers.

  • First Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd participant to launch an internet securities and commodities trading platform
  • First brokerage to launch a STK/SMS mobile phone securities and commodities trading facility
  • First financial institution to provide T+2 settlement and margin trading services to online clients
  • First brokerage to provide wealth management services
  • World first to develop "3D AI Broker" system
  • First brokerage to launch a 3G trading facility
  • First brokerage to develop a comprehensive financial SNS portal –
  • First brokerage to develop one-stop iPhone trading app in HK – CASHRTQ

We excel in the expansion of our online services to provide clients with comprehensive financial opportunities, including:
  • An IPO subscription platform
  • US and China B shares securities trading
  • PDA and WAP trading platforms
  • Global market commodities trading
  • A mutual fund search engine.

  • First retail company to provide an e-portal for household products
  • First in HK to provide "one-to-one customer service" to customers (frontline staff have their own business cards with mobile phone numbers)
  • Enable the sizes of furniture to be modified according to customers' individual needs